About Us

“Indian Adventurers” the name says it all! We are “Jaanbazz”, people young at heart from all walks of life, ethnicity, culture and religion. A unique social bonafide medium to interact, express, exchange ideas and build network of friends with similar interest. The motto of our group is to thrive and build an outdoor recreational community engaging in adventurous sports. Come, Join us. Jumpstart your Life, challenge the extremes, and celebrate the joy of living.

Our adventure seekers are there to engage you with plethora of options, be it extreme sports to get adrenaline pumping or slowing down and soft exploring, we got it all covered. We plan activities year round to stay active and fit. From skiing, snowboarding, shoeing, tubing, sledding, skating in whipping cold winter to hiking scenic trails, backpacking, sun basking, biking, city tours, photographing the spring tranquility are just a few options to explore and get a head start for beating the summer heat and have fun whilst camping, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and much more. This is not all – occasionally we do organize social gatherings, charity events, dinners, movie nights to escape the hustle and bustle of fast pace silicon valley.

Indian Adventurers is a community driven group- We believe in growing, learning and achieving our best together, this can only be attained with active participation of volunteers and members. Bring your comrades, friends and families. RSVP for events, suggest new meet-ups, provide valuable inputs and help us grow.

Visit us on our meetup group’s page for current updates and event calendar.

Our Groups:

We currently running two meetup groups in California.

  1. Indian Adventurers of Bay Area
  2. Indian Adventurers of Los Angles
  3. Indian Adventurers of Seattle